Product Display and Signage

The Impact Business Group offers complete product display and signage services. No matter how big the scale we can help display your products to look their best. We excel at seeing displays from multiple perspectives - from the supplier's needs to the contractor's perspective to the homeowner's unique view - we work to understand the different display options. We then either on our own, or with your staff, implement display and merchandising changes. We also add sophisticated sign capabilities and experience to properly direct attention to what is important. We have transformed the buying experience for countless customers through the years - with direct benefits to the seller including increased sales, lower sales costs, and higher margins.

  • Displays
  • Merchandising
  • Signs
  • Pricing and Promotion Strategies
  • Display Maintenance

Display & Signage Examples

A stone yard display area before changes were made
The best display area in the yard, contained one product. To understand all your choices you literally had to walk around a 10 acre stone yard.
Stone yard merchandising and display services
The main display areas now hold nearly 100 different products instead of just one.
An aerial picture of a stone yard display
A driveway splits the display area. Building stone on the south side, landscape stone on the north side. This aerial photo shows part of the landscape stone product display area
Example of a b building stone display area we created outdoors
The Building Stone display area includes actual inventory bins as well as samples of both thin veneer and full size veneer
Examples of some of the product signs we made for a stone yard
Extensive signage caps off the new display. We excel at producing affordable, quality product signage.

We can design, install and maintain product displays for landscape and construction industry suppliers both on a small scale and large scale. With over 30 years of experience in wholesale, contractor and retail operations we have learned how to best display landscape and construction products. Call us today for a free consultation or email us here.