A Green Industry and Construction Marketing Firm

The Impact Business Group is a marketing and advertising company focusing on the landscape and construction supply business. We are a full service Green Industry and Construction Marketing firm that provides web, email, print, display, sign and photography services. We specialize in helping businesses reach the landscape contractor, construction contractor, and homeowner - with a particular emphasis on sophisticated services to reach high value contractors.

We have been providing green industry and construction industry marketing since 1993. Over those 26 years we have compiled the largest database of landscape and construction contractors and allied businesses available today. With over 18,000 contractors, and detailed business demographic data on many, our database is invaluable for suppliers in the tri-state New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania markets.

We have a proven track ready with many clients of providing high quality services that promote and grow a business. As specialists in the landscape and construction markets we know many products lines from the start - nursery stock, masonry and stone, equipment are a few examples of industries we understand deeply. This insight can help your business reach the customer with the right message, typically a very targeted message.

We are seeking a select group of clients that we can work deeply with - through years - to promote and grow their business. Our customer service is exemplary, our skills are cutting edge, and our hearts are in these two industries. If you are looking to grow your landscape or construction supply business we urge you to give Neil Davis a call at 908-319-3149.

Thank you for your consideration.

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